Ship repair


Over the years Premator has become a key player on the blasting and coating market of ship repair. The company has not only expanded geographically by opening of new branches/offices, but also developed significantly in terms of new technology and experience.

The techniques and options in corrosion prevention are varied, as are the merits of each approach. The true art is to bring together the advantages of the different treatment methods available, creating a durable result. Premator does not prescribe one particular treatment method at the expense of another. Based on more than 40 years’ experience of surface treatment, we can provide our customers with an honest chance to select a level suited to their budget.

Each and every Premator set-up is a division within the Premator Group. This means that they have the full support of the entire Premator Group in terms of resources for a specific project. We have through technical developments designed a network of uniform worldwide equipment at all Premator locations. By doing so, the different sites are able to support each other for larger projects. This means that, with the Premator Group as the backbone of every Premator set-up, we are able to offer our clients a local capacity hard to find elsewhere, regardless of which Premator location you choose.

So, when it comes to docking of your vessel, keep us in mind and give us a call. We have full confidence in our potential to provide you with a cost effective surface treatment.



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