Fujairah anchorage


Premator at Sea is now permanently established for blasting and coating work at the Fujairah Anchorage, and it has proven to be a very cost effective and productive solution.

For ballast tank maintenance we have developed a dedicated upgrading treatment package where the main objectives have been:


A good example of our efficiency is when we do the following treatment with an expected lifetime of 5 to 8 years.

  • Spot blasting SIS Sa 2 on corroded or defect areas
  • Hard sweeping or SIS Sa 1 on the remaining areas
  • 2 stripe coats and 2 full coats

During such treatment we complete 1000m2 per day including application of coating. So it is easy to calculate what we can achive during a scheduled stop at the anchorage.

Apart from ballast tanks, we do cargo tanks, decks, piping, superstructure etc.

So if you are thinking about ballast tank maintenance, or any other form of surface treatment, keep us in mind and give us a call. We are confident that our setup in Fujairah can provide you with cost effective surface treatment solutions.