Tank cleaning


Tank cleaning, or cleaning of other internal compartments such as engine rooms or pump rooms, is an important part of most scheduled dockings. It involves cleaning for inspections, as well as cleaning for hot works. It is often a preparation work for other departments, whereby time efficiency is vital to enable those following works to be carried out on time.

During the years we have also been involved in several major oil cleaning operations on vessels to be repaired after collision- or grounding incidents. These works are often complicated due to the fact that accessibility in certain cases can be limited due to impact damage. It places high demands on safety awareness, and we are pleased to present a track record of several successful such cleaning works.

We clean all types of tanks and compartments onboard vessels, at shipyards as well as during voyage or in ports, and we supply the industrial sector with the same service ashore. For this we have all the equipment needed to ensure a swift operation, and we ensure an environmental friendly disposal of tank residues.



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