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The need for high quality blasting and coating in ballast tanks has come to the fore in recent years. But not every owner may be willing to take the vessel out of service to put into a shipyard for the considerable time it would take to recoat the tanks. The charterer may not allow it or the off-hire time would quite simply be too long. If this is the case, the solution may be to do the job at sea.

Full tank recoating at sea does not necessarily mean you cannot expect the same high quality as for a job done at a shipyard. We have the equipment and knowledge to perform high quality coating at sea.

There are a number of ways this can be done. With the Premator Group strategically located around the world, we can, if required, board the vessel virtually anywhere. While the entire operation can be completed at sea there is also an alternative. To reduce offhire time, a good deal of the work can be done at sea and later, when the vessel is scheduled for drydock, the entire operation can be completed.

All our equipment has been specially designed for use on board. This means we can make full use of our latest developments in Dehumidifier-technology, grit recovery units and, above all, the Premator quality control system.

Seagoing Experience

It takes extensive seagoing experience to carry out a ballast tank coating while the vessel is at sea. For many people this is a new experience. When discussing ballast tank coating at sea, a number of questions are raised.

  • What will tank access be like during the various loading conditions?
  • Where will all the necessary equipment be stored?
  • What type of tank treatment should be applied?
  • Can this really be done?

The answer is yes. Premator can offer you all the experience needed for complete tank surveys, tank access planning and equipment storage.

Simply sit back and let us do all the planning and we will provide you a tank treatment package that offers the same high quality standard that we provide to our dry dock customers.



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