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If you compare the blasting and painting projects of Ship Repair to New Building you find New Building a completely different story. Today it is common practice to contract sections or entire hulls to external workshops. Premator, as an active partner already at the design stage, follows the vessel step by step throughout her entire construction process. Our involvement begins at the initial stage in external workshops; therefore sparing our customer the problems and conflicts that may appear when using many different contractors. In practice we are the best control solution, focusing on quality control and preliminary time schedules, on behalf of our client.

We are orange

Today Premator's characteristic orange banners marking our working sites can be spotted all across the world. Premator New Building started when we became one of the main contractors in the very successful construction of Stena's new passenger ferries, in Poland (1985-1988). Another milestone was the contract for the construction of 5 Suez-max vessels for Fred Olsen at the Harland and Wolf shipyard (1990-1992). Almost parallel, we acted as one of the main contractors for construction of Gotlandsbolaget's Ro-Pax ferry in Indonesia (1992-1994). In the beginning of 1990 we were involved in the building of 14 vessels at Georgie Dimitrov Shipyard in Varna, Bulgaria. In 1990 we launched a cooperation with the BLRT-group in Tallinn and since then contribute to all projects built at the Tallinn shipyard. When in 2001 the BLRT-group took over the Western Shipyard in Klaipeda, we did not miss the opportunity to expand our market to Lithuania as well. 2002 brought us another challenge; we forwarded a successful bid to Kvaerner Maasa Yard in Helsinki, Finland, and participated in the construction of numerous grand vessels for shipping companies such as Cunnard and Carneval Cruse Lines.

In 2006 Premator started cooperation with Fosen Yards. Since then we have been the sole provider of surface treatment services on all the new vessels launched by the shipyard in Landskrona. The successful cooperation with Fosen Yards' division in Sweden made us a natural choice in their pursuit to select a partner to perform surface treatment services on new vessels at the Fosen Mekaniske Verksted in Rissa, Norway.

In 2007, we started cooperation with the Kleven Yard in Ulsteinvik, Norway. Projects launched from the Kleven Yard include initial surface treatment on new vessels in Poland and finish treatment in Norway. These examples highlight our global potential and the benefits to our customers. The Premator Group constantly strives to achieve unity in everything it does, guaranteeing the same top quality performance, regardless of where the job is carried out.



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