Offshore Farms

Offshore Fish Farms

Completion time: 2020 Fosen Yard Germany

These offshore fish farm projects consists of 2 ring-shaped constructions, diameter 80 meters and hight 25 meters each. The work, carried out by our experienced and highly skilled team on site, consists of:

• Fully blasting all section and structural items to Sa2,5 standard (ISO 8501-1) + protecting them with primer.
• Surface preparation and application of full painting system on Heavy Load Area, in which construction is erected and taking shape.

This first operation takes place in three blasting halls with a total capacity of nearly 30,000 m3, using our steel grit recycling system.

Both projects include more than 26,000 m2 of water ballast and void spaces as well as a 12,000 m2 external area, fully coated with a tough abrasion resistant coating system.

Offshore Farms

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